Monday, August 04, 2008

August Special - Free photocube

Every customer this month shall receive a customized photocube with every order above $25:
Photo courtesy of PanosFX
Amount must be paid for in a single payment.
Please send the photos to You can choose to have 5 different photos. Photos must be at least 736 x 736 pixels @ 300DPI. Photos must be square. Cropping or distortion will occur if the photo isn't square.
You will receive a printed, uncut, unglued piece as below:

Photo courtesy of PanosFX

Simply cut out the shape and glue it together at marked places.

The photocube will arrive in a separate mail.

Tip No 87 - Photo Colours are not "Better" colours

Every month, we get a couple of customers who purchased Canon photo colours (namely Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta) thinking that they are "better" than the normal colours counterpart (cyan and magenta). So this is the clarification: PC and PM are an entirely different cartridge compared to C and M, just like red and yellow are different colours. Photo colours are meant to work in conjunction with normal colours. If you printer did not specify it needs photo colours, then do not use them. It will just screw up your colour settings. In reality, they are a lighter shade compared to regular colours, and are meant to produce better details in shadowy area of a photo (and probably the name photo colours). At least there are no confusion in Epson printers: they name it Light Cyan and Light Magenta.